More than a neighborhood, Villebois is a community.

Why Buy a home In Villebois?

  • Walkable Neighborhood
  • Direct access to Graham Oaks Nature Park
  • Numerous parks, sport courts, rec facilities
  • Established Community
  • Sustainable and Active Lifestyles
  • Convenient Location
  • Seasonal Farmer’s Market
  • Annual Neighborhood Activities
  • Proximity to freeway and downtown amenities

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Villebois, located in Wilsonville, Oregon, is a captivating neighborhood that offers a harmonious blend of natural beauty and modern living. With its well-planned streets, lush green spaces, and diverse housing options, Villebois provides residents with a serene and picturesque setting. Villebois features an array of parks and open spaces, inviting residents to enjoy outdoor activities and connect with nature. From charming pocket parks to expansive fields, Villebois offers ample opportunities for relaxation and recreation.

The housing options in Villebois are varied and cater to different lifestyles, ranging from single-family homes to townhouses and condos. With meticulous attention to architectural design, the homes in Villebois seamlessly blend with the surroundings, creating a visually appealing neighborhood.

Villebois also fosters a strong sense of community, with regular events and activities that bring neighbors together. From social gatherings to fitness classes, the community center serves as a hub for Villebois residents to connect and build lasting relationships.

Villebois is an ideal neighborhood for families as well, with excellent schools and numerous parks and playgrounds for children to explore and play. With its convenient location and access to amenities, Villebois offers a high-quality living experience for those seeking a peaceful and vibrant community in Wilsonville.