Available Homes in Villebois

We have been serving the Wilsonville area for over 30 years and are honored to have represented hundreds of Villebois buyers and sellers since the inception of the neighborhood in 2005. Our depth of Villebois experience offers you a distinct advantage in navigating the options and amenities of the neighborhood as you purchase a home in Villebois.

Available Homes

Villebois’ Excellent Top Rated Schools

West Linn-Wilsonville School District is known for its commitment to excellence and innovation in education.

Villebois Schools

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Nestled comfortably within an arm’s reach of Portland in the heart of Wilsonville, the Villebois community features unmatched quality in every aspect of daily life. In Villebois you’ll discover excellence. Excellence in craftsmanship. Excellence in nature. Excellence in life. Welcome to Villebois.

Villebois Community